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No matter where your budget stands, we will find you the right home. ​As professional Real Estate Agents, We'll be with you every step of the way; from helping you narrow your search to guiding you through the negotiation process. Want to know more? Contact us to see how you can get started on your next property journey today.

Buying: Buying

The Stages of Purchasing

001 // select your agent
002 / / obtain financial pre-approval
003 // analyze your needs
004 // select properties to view
005 // write offer to purchase
006 // negotiate terms
007 // accept contract
008 // obtain mortgage
009 // conduct inspections + bring issues to resolution
010 // conduct title search + obtain title insurance
011 // financing, credit check, underwriting, appraisal + insurance
012 // obtain funds for closing + solidify loan conditions
013 // close on property

House visit
Buying: Buying

getting pre-approved &
applying for your loan


preliminary commitment in writing, from a lender, stating that a borrower will qualify for a particular loan amount, based on income and credit information under a lender's guidelines (most letters are valid for 60-90 days and the process usually takes 24-48 hours)


  • completed loan application - signed, 

  • full month current pay stubs.

  • current bank statements - checking, savings, brokerage, investments + retirement accounts.  

  • copy of recent bill or year-end mortgage statement, release of liens on properties

  • personal and business tax returns year-to-date P&L

  • copy of social security card and driver license

  • executed earnest money contract (for purchase)

  • copy of divorce decree if applicable

  • tax and insurance documentation for all owned properties

  • insurance agent's name, address and phone number

Buying: Buying
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